AMERICAN ROAD® BACK ISSUE Volume 15, Number 2 (Summer 2017)
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In this fifteenth anniversary issue, we revisit some of our features that pulled out all the stops. Our “best of” review showcases a number of names sure to be recognized by longtime readers, from Amy C. Elliott, a New York-based photographer whose “Last Stagecoach to Deadwood” celebrates everything wild and wooly about the path to South Dakota’s crusty boomtown, to Craig and Liz Larcom, the crackshot husband-and-wife team who travel the timeless expanses of Utah and Colorado in “Jurassic Lark: Driving the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway.” You’ll find Michael Wallis, veteran storyteller and seminal highway historian, whose “Tamiami Trail: River of Grass” was the first feature this magazine ever printed. I’m in the mix, too, in Nevada and Michigan, with “Drive Me Lonely”—a song to the solitudes of US 50 in the Silver State and “Thumb’s Up!” which winds its way around the beaches, baysides, and sunsets of the Great Lakes’ favorite digit, where a rose, by any name, can smell a little like a Bay Port fish sandwich.